Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How Do You Stop A Wedgie My Panties Give Me A Wedgie Is There Anyway To Fix That And Stop It From Happening?

My panties give me a wedgie is there anyway to fix that and stop it from happening? - how do you stop a wedgie

Hanes has a whole series of "no place" pants, which will not be guaranteed to him a song of Sunday, or your money back!

Good luck, and the link below is the website for them ...


My Answer for You! said...

Indeed, one nylon / spandex pants in the right size at the end of the song on Sunday!

If you receive wedgie, then the outer garments are too tight, forcing the wedgie?

kerin said...

Use a paint-spray clear. It gives them a slightly sticky to create more friction and thus maintaining the soil better.


Hi T said...

Get more
Stetch Them
Do not use

Katie said...

What wedgie? Do not you?

Sandra said...

Do not!

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